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This page may help if you find yourself into a project you're not sure about. The information contained herein is general and we recommend hiring a licensed plumbing professional for all your plumbing needs.

Plumbing tips:

  1. when hiring a plumber - get a price and the work to be done in writing before the work starts.
  2. ask for a written guarantee if applicable.
  3. don't put food into the garbage disposal. It may make it through the disposal but won't be good for the drains. foods that clog drains regularly - rice, peels, egg shells, pasta.

Here is a list of a typical plumbers' job description - copper repiping , install water heaters, toilets, sinks, faucets, gas line repairs, install gas fireplace, slab leak detection, slab leak repair,clear clogged drains, install main drain cleanout, drain line replacement, tub and shower valve repair and replacement and more.

Plumbing, How To Articles and Videos

Plumbing tips are available on this page. Tips, articles and videos of some of the most common plumbing problems can be found here. Cleaning drains, installing a toilet, slab leak information and more. The plumbing tips here are offered to help you understand the scope of a particular project. recommends you hire a professional plumber for all your plumbing needs. Plumbing information will continue to be added to this page. Feel free to contact us with plumbing information or articles you like to see posted. Some needs and problems vary from state to state. So solutions and plumbing products can vary. Frozen water pipes are not generally a problem in Southern California. But can be routine in some parts of the country. Not many people in Arizona are familiar to radiant floor heating, except maybe all the "snowbirds". Contact us with any tips or tricks of the trade you'd like to share. Cleaning drains helps prevent normal wear and tear build up caused from months or even years of just average use. It is recommended that when it comes to your home, being pro-active often saves you money and most always saves you unexpected grief. So if it's been months since your last drain cleaning and home plumbing inspection, it may be time for a visit from your local plumber.

Cleaning a Drain, Installing a Toilet and Other Plumbing Tips.

We recommend drain cleaning for all drains, at least once a year, for an average use family. Ask your local plumber if he offers a maintenance agreement. Another way to possibly save money is to have all your drains cleaned on the same visit. Especially if it's been about a year or more since it's been done. To clear most clogged drains you'll want to hire a professional. Kitchen sink drains usually get the most use, so when it clogs, although a quick try with a plunger might do the trick, (watch for a mess, see our article) what is often needed is a good cleaning by a professional plumber with the right equipment. provides a listing of plumbers and plumbing contractors in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Pasadena California. Our main offerings include: a directory to help find a local plumber and an online site for advertising for plumbers, water damage restoration specialists, plumbing part suppliers and kitchen/bath remodeling contractors.

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