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How to fix a frozen, broken, jammed garbage disposal

Turn the power switch to off check the reset button (red button) on the underside of the disposal. If something fell into the disposer and jammed it the reset button may have tripped. With the power off, use the “Allen” type wrench that came with the disposal unit. Insert it into the slot in the center of the bottom of the garbage disposer and try to free whatever is causing the jam. Usually glass, coin, screw, aquarium rock etc. if you put your hand into the disposal unit be sure to turn off the power switch first. Be careful of broken glass and sharp objects. If you have freed the jam, and the reset button is pushed, remove your hand, dry your hand then plug the disposal back in. It should work now. Run plenty of water and some liquid soap to flush the disposer well. If it still doesn’t work it may be a problem with the electric outlet or you may need a new disposal.

If both sides of a two compartment sink are clogged it also may be accessed from the roof vent with caution by a professional plumber.